Staff update: New interns!

January 28, 2013 : News


Maximillion is delighted to welcome Rosie Hood, who is currently studying Events Management and Wedding Planning at Fitzwilliam Institute, University of London Union, and Shona Cordner, a Festival and Event Management student at Napier University, to the team.

We catch up with Rosie and Shona to find out more about them and their experience at Maximillion so far.


Best film: Too many to name….’Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ to ‘Top Gun’ to ‘The Batman Trilogy’ to ‘Lord of the Rings’ to ‘Harry Potters’……to ALL Disney!! I am a bit of a movie geek! Best recent ones have got to be the ‘The Impossible’ or ‘Django Unchained’!

First single: Probably Britney Spears “Hit Me Baby One More Time”

Best food: Fajitas and nachos

Spare time: Watching new films, shopping, and going out….all  with friends and family.

Star sign: Aries

Childhood job wish:  A dolphin trainer

Live anywhere: LA

Desert island book: Harry Potter (any of them)

Desert island luxury: My other half

What you think of Maximillion so far? It’s great here, everyone is really friendly and all very welcoming. I’m looking forward to the next 3 months!!

What you’d like to learn during your time at Maximillion? I hope to have a better understanding of the financial areas of business, and also the SEO side. I would like to improve my client/agent/supplier communication skills and have a greater confidence in my abilities. At the end of my time here I hope to have good knowledge on how to make a business successful and to gain experience which will provide me with the skills to be able to see an event through from start to finish successfully.


Best film: Titanic I know it off by heart!

First single: Steps..

Best food: Chocolate/sweets

Spare time: Movies, bars, shopping

Star sign: Leo

Childhood job wish: Teacher

Live anywhere: Anywhere hot! (not Scotland)

Desert island book: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Desert island luxury: ‘Phone

What you think of Maximillion so far: Very good! Everyone is really nice

What you’d like to learn during your time at Maximillion:Everything!

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