Staff Update: The new, the old and the yet to be born!

July 5, 2010 : News

We’ll start with the ‘Hellos’:

Esther Ramsay joined us in April as our new Account Manager. Esther has moved back from London after spending 3 years working for LexisNexis in their conference department. She missed the fresh air that is Scotland and is now settling in nicely.

Intern Lucas Madern started in April also and has been doing a sterling job. With his French pout and can do attitude, Lucas has been a great addition to the team.

Hi again to…

Project Manager Nick Aitken joins us again as a full time member of the team. After spending his time on freelance event work he decided it was time to settle back into a full time position and as he’s so darn good, we just couldn’t say no.

Bye for now to…

Lucy McLay (again!) and Shoena Payne both of whom are fully pregnant and ready to pop.

Lucy’s last day was the 10th of June and we are awaiting news on her stork flying in with its delivery, hopefully she will be in to receive the post, I believe a signature is required!

Shoena’s last day will be the 25th June, this is a week later than originally planned as she’s not quite sure what to do with her spare time?! Now that’s what I call dedication to your job!

And an update:

Jonathan and Joan got married on Saturday the 3rd April. We’re still awaiting the photos but the cake was delicious – good baking mum!

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