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July 2, 2013 : General Team Building

Acccording to a July 2013 education news article from the BBC, data from High Fliers Research points to graduate vacancies being at a five year high, with the UK’s 100 “leading employers” having 4.6% more jobs for new graduates than in 2012. Set against the current economic backdrop this is clearly a figure that is both encouraging for those about to ‘cross the divide’ from education into the world of work, as well as for those organisations keen to attract the most talented individuals to fill their graduate programmes after the summer.

Maximillion has implemented over a dozen graduate and high potential development programmes in recent years for major companies such as GE Oil & Gas, Broadridge, EDF Energy and NATS. Each has commissioned Maximillion due to our expertise in team-based personal development – as well as on a repeat year-on-year basis – to design their annual residential induction and development programmes for graduates.

Each programme is very much custom-designed by Maximillion in partnership with the client to ensure that the new talent receives the best possible grounding and support before they take their first steps on the career ladder in their new workplaces. Typically the programmes involve:

  • Dovetailing internal corporate elements with facilitated input sessions on relevant aspects of personal and professional development that have been designed around client competency frameworks (values, supporting behaviours) and to promote key business messages.
  • Experiential team-based learning activities, along with profiling tools and models to bring new knowledge and learning to life.
  • ‘Personal goal maps’ co-authored with each participant through professional one-to-one coaching support, which are designed to support individual learning plans and appraisals back in the workplace.
  • Overall pre-event project management and on-site event management services during the programme; delegate managementvenue booking and liaison, H&S etc.

To see the scope of programmes that Maximillion provides to nurture the new talent joining your organisation and provide them with the best stepping stone to ‘cross the divide’, please go here.

For more information on the above or any related area of interest inorganisation development and learning & development in Edinburgh, Scotland and across the UK please contact Sandy Smith on 0845 901 1422 and

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