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October 28, 2014 : News

Given the journey many organisations have been on over the last year, what shape will your team be in when the road starts to open up?

Some teams may have experienced a bumpy ride over rough terrain and as a result a few squeaks and rattles may have appeared. Some of these may require a bit of DIY, but the smarter driver will get them checked out properly by a specialist.

Book your team on our Team Effectiveness Programme. It offers a phased team development process; starting with a diagnostic tool –Team Effectiveness Inventory (TEI) – through a team development intervention to a final comparative measurement of team performance with the TEI.

The TEI will provide the team with a baseline measure of team effectiveness prior to the team intervention – as well as providing a post-intervention comparative measurement of your team’s effectiveness.

To assist in grounding the learning an experiential simulation component will be selected for your workshop in relation to your brief and team size e.g.

  • TeamWorks
  • All-a-Board
  • Kinetic Connections

The programme package will:

  • Accurately measure and benchmark your team’s current performance
  • Highlight and prioritise areas for improvement and development
  • Provide a fun shared experience that delivers real business benefits
  • Incorporate a mechanism to measure the effectiveness of your team post-programme and articulate the return on your investment.


  • Starting with the end in mind – outcome led, results orientated
  • Incorporates a research-based diagnostic tool
  • Measures team effectiveness pre- and post-programme
  • Pitched according to seniority profile
  • Experiential, grounding the learning more effectively back in the workplace
  • Flexible and scalable for large and small groups

Key Features:

  • Prior consultation & thorough team diagnostic. Post-programme measurement of team effectiveness within three months. Includes production of two interpretive reports
  • Facilitated by Maximillion experts
  • In-company delivery run at a venue and time of your choice
  • Delegate pre-reading & preparation
  • Personal Learning Logs
  • Team intervention delivered over one day, or extended half day workshop. Includes ongoing review and final Thinking into Action sessions – a fast route to transferable learning

For further information on the TEI, the Team Effectiveness Programme and a related product sheet please contact our L&D Consultant Sandy Smith on 0131 333 0066 and

Venue and location:

We will deliver your event anywhere in the UK, or beyond. Typical city centre day delegate rates start from £35 plus VAT to include 2 x coffee breaks and lunch. We would be pleased to advise you on a venue and destination for your event.

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