The Goose Is Loose at the Zoo!

July 7, 2015 : News, General Team Building


We are delighted to be working in collaboration with the Compass Group at Edinburgh Zoo, where we have developed another exciting addition to our range of venue-specific GPS-enabled team challenges.

Why Edinburgh Zoo for your next event?
With over 80 acres to explore, Edinburgh Zoo is a place where the sights and sounds bring your senses alive. Set within stunning grounds and surrounded by an array of animals, this really is a venue that your group will never forget.

Edinburgh Zoo boasts fantastic facilities for your meeting or conference. Discover the meeting rooms and classic period features of the majestic Mansion House, a striking 18th Century baronial mansion set in the heart of the Zoo, or expand into the 180 seat lecture theatre and break-out rooms of the nearby modern Budongo Lecture theatre, situated in the Chimp Enclosure.

With the combination of a fantastic setting and top-class facilities, this really is the perfect venue for your next team building event, which we of course are hoping will be the Edinburgh Zoo Explorer!

Tell me more:
If you are looking for something really unique for your next team building event, then the Zoo Explorer offers just that! With fabulous surroundings, and inhabitants ranging from pandas to penguins, we were definitely not short of inspiration when coming up with interesting challenges for this latest Wildgoose Scotland game.

How it works:
How it works: The Edinburgh Zoo Explorer, like our other Wildgoose Scotland GPS challenges, requires participants to compete in teams as they navigate their way around GPS hot spots marked on an interactive zoo map on one of our fully loaded iPad minis. The game makes great use of the fantastic space available as teams complete a variety of tasks including hilarious photo and video challenges.

The goal is to earn as many points as possible as teams work against the clock during this themed trail. Our live scoreboard, penalty points for incorrect answers and exciting timed challenges add a real time competitive twist to this game.

The game culminates in a prize-giving for the whole group, with prizes for the winners and losers, and hilarity for all involved when the photos and videos are shown to the whole group.

A word from Compass Group at Edinburgh Zoo:
“If you are looking for a truly unique venue with exciting team building activities then Edinburgh Zoo would be ideal. We are delighted to be working with Wildgoose Scotland to provide the Wildgoose Zoo Explorer, an exciting new team building activity unique to Wildgoose Scotland and Edinburgh Zoo.” Selina McCready, Sales Manager


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