There’s no “i” in team but there is in “win”!

July 30, 2009 : News

We recently dispatched a survey to some of our nearest and dearest customers to determine their appetite for new a team building product.  More on this soon!

Completed returns were incentivised with a prize of a case of wine or a 4×4 experience for two. With 29 returns from 300 surveyed, we are delighted to announce the winner drawn is Beth Aldington from Barclays Global in London. Well done Beth, your case of wine is on its way!

Besides specific information about our new team building idea, we asked some general questions around team building. So what did we learn? The majority of respondents (greater than 50%) would prefer a team building event:

  • In the countryside
  • At a unique venue
  • Lasting a full day
  • As a stand alone even
  • Costing between £50 – £100 per person

Interesting stuff!

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