Three smart choices for your team’s development

September 22, 2011 : General Team Building

What shape do you need your team to be in to face the challenges that next year will bring? With times still pretty tough, successful companies don’t stop investing in their people – they just invest smart.

Smart choices for team development

Here’s a ready-reckoner of our top three tried and tested experiential team development programmes, which have emerged as the smart choices for a lot of of our clients over 2011 so far.

Each individual programme is customised and will provide opportunities to raise their awareness of how behaviours impact on individual and team performance and effectiveness. They can be used in combinations with each other, as well as with other programme formats e.g. Profiling tools and models, Learning labs, facilitated workshop sessions etc.

They also deliver the highest levels of results-orientated experiential learning currently available, as the choice client testimonial for each one suggests.

In order of popularity:

1. TeamWorks for Business – creating routes for successful behaviour change through a suite of inter-related business process simulation activities. E.g. integrating and testing the relationships & collaborative practise between business teams and exploring creative ways of utilising limited resources. A half or full day facilitated programme, to include indoor and / or outdoor team activities.

“Just wanted to say thank you – I think it really achieved our objectives of getting them thinking about their behaviours and how they are perceived by others…Sandy was very effective in helping us get everything organised and in place in very short timescales.”
HR Consultant, Global Banking Group

2. Kinetic Connections – a fantastic and unique team development experience where teams have to work interdependently to construct a giant interconnected mechanical sculpture. One of the key aims of Kinetic Connections is to help break down silos across teams, and provide a platform for teams to explore ‘big picture’ business awareness and issues around managing complex projects within conflicting priorities. A flexible half or full day facilitated programme.

“Mike (Lead Facilitator) developed a good working relationship with us very quickly & facilitated the day in an engaging way. I would have no hesitation in working with Mike and the Maximillion Team again. They are very passionate & professional in what they do”.
Service Development Manager, RBS Mentor Services

3. Our MBTI programmes help participants identify, explore and “bring to life” the interpersonal factors associated with Myers-Briggs Type Indicators. These engaging programmes combine personal introspection, theoretical insights and facilitated discussion with practical, fun, experiential activities to help ground the learning. MBTI is a self-reporting online tool that allows people to understand how they interact in every day life and can help colleagues to operate more effectively together. A flexible 4-6 hour facilitated workshop.

“Gavin (Lead Facilitator) was a terrific facilitator and worked really well with the team. From my perspective, the objectives were met; I was really keen to get a feeling of being a team by the end of the day, and longer term I hope that both me and the team learn to appreciate that we are all different with varying strengths to bring to any forum”
Support Director, itelligence UK Ltd.

What smart choice will you make to satisfy your team’s development needs?

To find out more about how we will help you and your people drive your business forwards, and for more information on other related areas of interest in organisation development, facilitated team experiences and learning & development in Edinburgh, Scotland and across the UK please contact Sandy Smith on 0131 333 0066 and Alternatively, send us an enquiry.

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