Top 5 Conference Energisers For Your 2019 Event

November 1, 2018 : General Team Building, Event Management, News

Energisers are 20-25 + minute team building activities that breathe life into any conference or large group intervention. They provide engagement, stimulation and entertainment at any point in your agenda, notably the start of the day, after lunch, or before a team building session.

Below are our Top 5 favourite Energiser Activities for 2019 – in no particular order – which we enjoy organising (and participating in), and which work well at giving a group extra energy, motivation and focus during any conference event.

One Minute To Win It!
Based on the popular Aussie TV show, our new One Minute to Win It! energiser is guaranteed to be a winner with your delegates. Fast-paced, loud music with loads of fun, quickfire competition rounds, One Minute to Win It! is becoming a particularly popular energiser. Suitable for all venues, abilities and group sizes this activity will go down a storm, but can your team hold their nerve under pressure to win it, in one minute? After the brief provided by the Compere – supported by media played through the sound system and displayed on big screens – each team puts forward its best player, who will have One Minute to Win It! on each challenge. This is the epitome of everything an energiser should be; fun, energetic, fast-paced and loud. You can be sure your delegates will be leaving the room with beaming smiles, and wanting more.

Boomwhackers is a fun, energetic team building activity which requires a little bit of rhythm and a lot of enthusiasm! Everyone is given a pair of specially tuned coloured plastic “boomwhacker” tubes, and learns a sequence of rhythms, before coming together as a whole group to produce a unique, layered percussive beat! We can organise this event across the UK and beyond for groups of up to 400 guests. View the News UK testimonial here.

Mexican Railway
Teams will experience the thrill of a ‘Mexican Wave’ with a difference, while bringing the whole group together on a fun, memorable and interactive high note. This is a 100% ‘hands on’ team and whole group challenge which is in essence about creating, testing and implementing a plan. Teams design and build their own giant hand-held railway track to transport an ever-increasing number of footballs. As well as a great collaborative challenge it is also offers a great metaphor for organisational working! View the Decision Insight Information Group case study here.

Team Top Trumps
Based on the classic game, but with a modern team-based twist, Team Top Trumps is a highly-competitive event format that breaks down barriers and helps you find out new and surprising things about your colleagues. Teams put forward their best ‘card’ in the form of one member of the team, who competes with the other ‘cards’ from each of the other teams by responding to a series of fun, question-based and physical challenges and tasks that are presented on a round by round basis. The real fun part is where the Compere facilitates the showdown across the different team members. Light-hearted competitive banter ensues and team bragging rights are confirmed, before the teams move on to the next round. View the HAFS UK Centre of Excellence testimonial here.

Balloon Tower
Balloon Tower is one of our favourite quick-fire team building activities! Teams get a bag of balloons and balloon pumps to build the tallest free-standing tower before time is up. The competition really begins when team members pop other team’s balloons…but of course that results in minus points! And what do points make…? Our balloon structures don’t stop at towers though – we’ve had balloon bridges, balloon company logos, giant balloon sombreros that the whole team has to get underneath to wear and even balloon nuclear power plants! View the AIG case study here.

Maximillion delivers energisers, as well as more involved, longer duration team building activities for large group interventions and conference events in Edinburgh, Scotland, across the UK and beyond.

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