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January 16, 2015 : General Team Building, News

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While the snow lays on the ground and the wind blows a hoolie, keeping your group dry and warm indoors whilst providing them with an engaging and energising team challenge to kick start 2015 may be a more appealing prospect than facing the elements. Maximillion offers a wide range of indoor team building activities for group sizes of 20 plus that suit different group profiles, and event objectives and budgets.

To help you choose the right option for your people, here is the list of my five favourites:

A fast-paced, dynamic multi-activity event which gives teams total control of how best to use their time and maximise their strengths. Racing against the clock, teams need to strategise to succeed, negotiating every move and striking key allegiances as they take part in a number of themed zones and activities. Hugely competitive and great fun.

Kinetic Connections
This colourful, collaborative activity encourages participants to work together for shared success, ideal for encouraging different teams, departments and offices to co-operate more closely. The objective of assembling a giant kinetic model by interpreting clues, completing problem solving exercises and working to diagrams requires everyone’s input to succeed.

Rhythm Rocks
Cast aside any cynicism or scepticism – this musical activity is a fantastic way of demonstrating that everyone has a role to play and everyone CAN “do it”! With drums, surdos, agogo bells and shakers creating different layers and rhythms, the exhilarating finale is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face and is a great way to finish a conference or away day.

Commercial Break

Teams create their own short video advert, which could incorporate and promote your products / services and articulate key business messages. The teams have access to a wide selection of props, costumes and resources to film their advert around the venue. Selected adverts can then be played back on a ‘plug and play’ basis at the end of your event to great amusement all round – with productions vying to win one of several prize categories in a light-hearted awards ceremony.


Take One
Add a touch of Hollywood glitz and glamour to your event with this movie themed activity. Teams must borrow money from the bank, arrange props and costumes, write their script and shoot their film within a few hours so careful planning and organisation are key. Include key business messages and entertain your staff with a movie themed awards dinner to enhance this fabulous event.

Create & Paint
Harness your organisation’s creativity by unleashing your team’s imagination in this art themed event. A whirl of creative energy will inspire your group to produce masterpieces they would never think possible. With funding secured from the ‘arts council’ and choosing from a fantastic array of art materials, teams collaborate to create the bigger picture.

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