Top 5 sun-drenched incentive destinations

July 16, 2011 : General Team Building

It seems the harsh glare of publicity spotlighting incentive trips as nothing but lavish “jollies” is finally fading. Having seen a significant increase in enquiries at Maximillion, those who felt compelled to cut back are now reinstating motivational travel, and overseas incentives are firmly back on the menu for 2011 and beyond.

Whereas recent economic considerations have seen long haul destinations being cast-off for those closer to home, clients are now once again asking for dream destinations with guaranteed sun, exotic cultures, stunning settings, good food and exciting activities. Nothing engages, motivates and drives performance quite like the promise of a fully-inclusive trip to sun drenched shores, combined with unique and aspirational itineraries. With sun and sand high on the list of “must haves”, here are my top long haul destinations where high achievers can dig their toes into stunning white sands.

1. Mexico

Huge in its dimensions and rich in history, Mexico is truly fascinating in every way. Emerald jungle, white sandy beaches, turquoise Carribean Sea with the Great Mayan reef, and the wonders of ancient civilizations all make for a unique variety of experiences and an unforgettable trip.

2. South Africa

What better place to inspire your highest achieving employees than at the Cape of Good Hope with the incredible Table Top Mountain in the background? The sheer vastness of the horizon will take their breath away and remind them that nothing is impossible!

3. Dubai

Experience an Arabian Nights fairytale in Dubai. There’s no other place where tradition and progress exist so closely together. Surreal experiences abound: emerge from the desert to the biggest fountain in the world, and from a tent to the most luxurious hotels.

4. Barbados

White beaches, turquoise water, endless horizons – what better reward for your best performers than a once-in-a-lifetime trip to a Caribbean Island where they can totally relax, have fun and recharge their batteries for future ventures?

5. Los Angeles

One of the most fascinating destinations in the world, Los Angeles spans 4,000 square-miles from the City of Roses, Pasadena; Long Beach to downtown Los Angeles; and star-studded Hollywood to opulent Beverly Hills and trendy Santa Monica! An incentive trip here would take on a new personality each day as you experience the many facets of this glittering tinsel town.


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