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July 31, 2012 : General Team Building

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Due to the diverse nature and purpose of each profiling tool or model, the choice of the right one will depend on many factors, such as the business case, your development programme requirements, management / team expectations and your desired learning  outcomes. Maximillion would be pleased to advise you on which one/s would be best suited to achieve your and your team’s goals.

As a starter, here’s a ‘ready-reckoner’ to help you assess the merits of three of our favourites and reflect on how each can be used.

Profiling tool benefits

4 reasons why the incorporation of a profiling tool or model can add real value to targeted team development:

  • Creates a common language across teams and builds synergy
  • Increases awareness of individual and collective strengths and development areas, biases and blindspots
  • Creates an understanding and appreciation of the difference in others
  • Adds real insight and value to targeted team development

BELBIN® Team Roles©
A behavioural diagnostic tool used to profile an individual’s team role preferences as well as the collective team picture. Maximillion is an accredited BELBIN Team Role centre and we provide a wide range of BELBIN profiling services such as the Self Perception Inventory and 360 degree Observer Assessment, along with an allied BELBIN workshop programme. In combination, these will help your team identify and work on:

  • Individual team role preferences
  • Collective team role strengths of your team and their implications for and applications in the workplace

In the last 5 years Maximillion has profiled over 500 candidates from client teams across a wide spectrum of sectors and industries.

For an insight into how we have used BELBIN Team Roles, follow this link to our EDF Energy and NFU Mutual Direct case studies.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicators classify the ways in which we view the world around us, deal with it and react to it. It is a globally-recognised self-reporting tool, based on Jungian psychology, that allows people to understand how they interact in every day life. MBTI helps identify valuable differences between people – differences that can be the source of much misunderstanding and miscommunication. It exists as an online questionnaire which produces a ten-page interpretive profile report for individuals. Awareness of MBTI profiles can help colleagues to operate more effectively together.

MBTI secures second spot amongst our most popular profiling tools, and we have designed a variety of MBTI programmes for a variety of teams from organisations such as Halcrow Group, sportscotland, Maynard Leigh, RBS, NATS, Novo Nordisk, Tesco Bank, Visit Scotland and the National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence.

For an insight into how we have used MBTI, follow these links to the NICE and Visit Scotland top team development case studies.

Team Effectiveness Inventory
We can also add value to a targeted team development intervention through our online Team Effectiveness Inventory team profiling tool – the TEI. Inspired by Victoria Hoevemayer’s research on team effectiveness back in the 1990s, the TEI comprises a number of rateable statements, the analysis and interpretation of which can provide a further insight into the effectiveness of a team across five key areas of team effectiveness. Outputs of the TEI process include full interpretive baseline measure and post-event comparative reports.

After establishing a baseline measure of team effectiveness, we compare this to results of a similar survey conducted within two to three months of the initial Team Effectiveness Programme. We can then carry out a gap analysis by isolating many of the variables that affect team effectiveness and performance. The final comparative report is produced and its findings can assist in identifying opportunities for future development. Subsequently we are also able to calculate the return on investment for you and the team.

We have used the TEI with a variety of teams from BOC, RBS, NFU Mutual Direct, Stirling Medical Innovations and Pfizer.

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