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October 27, 2009 : General Team Building

A 15-year-old Morgan Stanley intern was in the press recently for his memo on the internet habits of teenagers. The papers picked up on the youngster’s flippant dismissal of a certain social networking site – apparently, no one in the business world had cottoned on to the fact that teenagers aren’t bothered about Twitter.

This observation shows just how particular certain groups of people are about what kind of sites they use – if you’re over fifteen, for example, there’s no way you’d go anywhere near Bebo, and if you’re under that age, you most probably haven’t heard of LinkedIn.

Maximillion was keen to maximise the benefits of social media, but which sites to use? Which sites would engage our customers most? We asked a work experience student with an interest in on-line marketing to research the options, and her findings were clear –  our best bet to securing a new wave of Maximillion website visitors would be through:

Granted, they’re pretty obvious choices. But these are the sites that get the most hits; the ones that have proved to be the most enduring (though that’s not saying much in the fickle and fluid world of social media); the ones that are the most straightforward for users to engage with. Most importantly, these are the sites which have been shown to work best for business-to-business communication. Bingo!

Taking this advice on board, we have now fully embraced social media to communicate with customers. We try to avoid falling into the trap of the “hard sell” approach, and simply use social media sites as a platform to communicate on a more personal basis, giving followers and fans an insight into what makes us tick, what we do and what we care about.

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