Webcasting, Web Conferencing and Virtual Events; An Insight

March 19, 2020 : Event Management, News

Things are changing, fast. Businesses are seeking alternative digital options to deliver key messages and engage with their wider employees. Communication is key in any successful business, and overcoming the disruption to all our organisational communications has become a priority to ride out the storm that is C19.

Key business messages need to be delivered to the highest standard possible. Broken lines of communication can lose key points and omit the fine detail of a carefully delivered message. We all know how frustrating it is to have a phone call with bad reception.

Maximillion Webcasting

At Maximillion, we have several methods of allowing you to be able to communicate to your staff, clients and / or suppliers remotely; either live, pre-recorded or a combination of both.

We have the technology and equipment to ensure your webstream looks professional and allows you to generate the right image and in turn allow your messages to be clearly understood and taken seriously by your audience.

  • Sound package – Ensure presentations are delivered with crystal clear audio
  • Multiple screen graphics to display presenter(s), slide content and name bars
  • Remote Pitch package – option to set up a full studio including soft furnishings, raised platform stage and fully branded backdrop

Delivering a message or hosting a conference in this manner allows users to be well informed by a trusted and respected member of the senior management team whilst maintaining a level of social or organisational distancing. Weekly broadcasts allow your team to remain ‘part of the team’ whilst working remotely, which results in productive remote working and higher morale.

If you are delivering any business critical or sensitive information then we would suggest transmitting any live feed through a secure server complete with password protection.

We can tailor each package to suit your needs and ensure your organisational communications adapt to the new environment we are all faced with.

To discuss this further please get in touch by email on events@maximillion.co.uk or dial 0131 333 6878

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