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March 17, 2009 : News

There’s never a dull a moment at Maximillion, and the past few weeks have been particularly eventful.  Here’s just a brief update on what’s been happening.

Goodbye Roy…

Finance Manager, Roy Rennie, left Maximilllion last month to take up an accountancy position with British Energy in Tranent. We wish Roy all the best in his new role.

… and hello Ramu

Roy has been replaced by Ramu Kumarappan, who has joined us from Farne Salmon and Trout, and works Monday to Thursday. Hailing from Malaysia, Ramu enjoys Formula 1, playing hockey, watching (definitely not playing!) rugby and time with his two children.

Welcome back Lucy

Lucy McLay, C&I Account Manager, is back at work on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays after maternity leave. Baby Eden is now happily settled into nursery as Mum adds her creative touch to yourconference and incentive enquiries.

Many congratulations to…

  • Kristy and Kelsey on the birth of Sullivan. Sully decided he wasn’t for waiting, appearing 6 weeks early on 26th February weighing 5lbs. After a few weeks TLC in hospital, he’s now strong, healthy and at home.
  • Jonathan who proposed to Joan on top of the Matterhorn. Plans for a Northern Irish wedding are now well under way.
  • Sean and Sally, who met on a Raleigh International expedition to Sabah and recently got engaged while underwater diving on holiday.

Adventurous bunch!

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