Which Fundraising Event is Right for your Organization – (Infographic)

August 17, 2015 : Event Management

How amazing would it be if fundraising were as simple as picking up the phone, talking to an investor and receiving a check? Sadly, most individuals aren’t that excited about donating their money, regardless of how compelling the cause is. Fundraising companies have to convince their donors that their idea is a winner. In order to secure capital, non-profit organizations must entice them with interesting events.

This beckons the question: Which Fundraising Event is Right for your Organization?

According to recent statistics, roughly 50% of charities raise money with the help of special events. Sure, this also means that a part of the sum raised is allocated for expenses (an average of $1.33 is spent to raise $1.00), but upon drawing the line, you will notice that donations from events are far more generous than those from typical fundraisers.

Which Fundraising Event is Right for Your Organization

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Walk-a-thons & Bike-a-thons have proven particularly successful means of raising funds. However, more than 50% of the funds raised during such events are generally dedicated to organizational expenses such as setting-up fences for spectators, supplying participants with fresh water or racing gear, and transporting pre- and post-event furniture (among other things). Interestingly enough, Millennials have responded extremely well to walk/run or cycling events – approximately 64% prefer to fundraise this way.

Another study also draws our attention towards non-traditional and thematic running events: in 2013, various individuals participated in mud runs, obstacle runs, paint runs, adventure races, night/glow runs and – wait for it – zombie runs.

Seeing as there are over 1,000 fundraising companies in the United States alone, the need to entice donors with unusual events such as impromptu sales (garage, scrip, bake), or thematic racing events becomes clear.

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