Wildgoose Focus: Huntathlon

July 30, 2012 : General Team Building

The Games might have started but it’s not too late to have your own themed team building event. Our unique Huntathlon team building challenge is designed to celebrate success and provide teams with an exciting treasure hunt with a fun sporting twist. Armed with Samsung Galaxy Tablets, and utilising the latest GPS technology, teams go head to head to battle it out and go for gold.

This unique event includes a complete range of fun Sporting and Games-themed questions, team challenges and tasks designed to appeal to all group profiles to provide you with a great team building event.

The event management includes questions and challenges which will only be accessible to teams when they reach their designated goal, while a unique interactive score board will enable you to keep tabs on how you are doing as a team. Add to that a live map that shows you where your competitors are at all times and you begin to see that this is a team event with a difference.

The Huntathlon team building treasure hunt can be staged at a city of your choice throughout the UK and beyond. Favourite Scottish treasure hunt locations include Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling and Aberdeen while London remains the favourite in England.

Will your team be on the podium at the end of this exciting themed treasure hunt or will they be bringing up the rear and not even make the medal table?  Only time will tell…

A great company away day that embraces the excitement of the Games and is a great way to motivate, inspire and reward the team in the run up to an exciting summer.

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